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September 30, 2014 HO "Oh, So Steamy!" Steam Generator Cars
September 30, 2014 HO Confederation Train and Add-on set
September 30, 2014 HO CP FP9 Locomotives
September 30, 2014 HO US (mostly..) FP9 Locomotives

Welcome to Rapido!

Rapido Trains Inc. does not just make model trains. We recreate the entire rail travel experience, from fully-detailed interiors and underframe equipment on our trains to fully-wired telephone poles for your model railroad.


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FL9 in HO and N scale
Rapido UK OO gauge APT-E

VIA Rail special edition Skyline
HO GARX Meat reefers - Second run

Trucks and Wheels in stock
HO Scale Confederation Train Set

HO scale FP9A/F9B

HO Scale FP9 second-hand owners
F40 master classNew HO Steam Gennies
PWRS Exclusive run N scale passenger cars
N Osgood Bradley lightweight coaches
N GMD-1 LocomotiveHO FPA-4 Locomotive

How To Order Our Products


It's simple really - just contact your local dealer!

Most reputable hobby shops and online stores in North America are carrying our products, and they will gladly take advance orders from you for any ready-to-run products we announce here.In the US our products are distributed by the top distributors in the country, so if your hobby shop does not carry our products have them contact one of our distributors.

Latest Updates:

August 28, 2014
New FL9 CAD design images posted!

July 25, 2014
New Rapido News newsletter posted with LRC news - prototype and model!

July 3, 2014
New Rapido News newsletter posted with HO and N FL9 locomotive announcements!

June 25, 2014
New Rapido News UK newsletter posted with new UK product announcement!

June 13, 2014
New Rapido News newsletter posted with many new product updates!

May 15, 2014
New Rapido News newsletter posted new FP9 and Confederation Train information!

April 25, 2014
New Rapido News newsletter posted with urgent F40PH-2D reminder and updates!

April 7, 2014
New Rapido News newsletter posted with a new product announcement!

February 7, 2014
New HO Scale F40PH-2D locomotive announced!

February 7, 2014
New Rapido News newsletter posted with a new locomotive announcement!

January 9, 2014
New N Scale GMD-1 locomotive announced!

Prairie Shadows exclusive projects

VIA FP9 6532 Grey Ghost Special Edition