Greetings from sunny Sacramento! Jason has become a basement dweller for a while as he recovers from his cross-Canada trip promoting The Canadian, leaving Dan and me the task of coming to Sacramento to display at this year’s National Train Show. It’s a tough job, but we’re up to the challenge! Over the weekend we’ll be posting updates and news as we can.

California state capitolThe California state capitol building, directly across the street from our hotel. Photo by Dan Garcia

In addition to the now high mileage Canadian samples we also will be displaying the first decorated samples of our upcoming wood reefer and promoting the upcoming Osgood Bradley SSSW/SP/SAL/KCS coaches. We’ll post some product photos tomorrow, but if you’re attending the show, we’re in booths 181 and 182 – stop by and see them in person.

For many that do not work in the industry the idea of displaying at these big shows in diverse locations always seems exotic and exciting. The reality often falls somewhat short of that! Normally when displaying at these shows we fly in, set up, do two or three days inside a convention center that looks much like any other convention center, then pack up and fly home. It’s very unusual that we have the chance to actually see any of the local area. Fortunately, we were able to make some time on this trip for a little sightseeing. Today, our one day that is not booked from dawn to dusk with work duties, Dan and I enjoyed some of the local sites. Since we were able to set up our display booth fairly early this morning, we took some time and walked down to the California State Railroad Museum where we spent an enjoyable couple of hours looking over their exhibits. If you have the chance to see this museum, don’t miss it. It is truly one of the best in the country, if not the world. The collection of early steam locomotives alone (none of which would interest diesel die-hard Jason) is worth the price of admission. All of the equipment is beautifully restored and very well presented.

V&T #13 "Empire"Virginia & Truckee #13 “Empire”, built in 1873, now on display and surrounded by mirrors! Photo by Dashing Dan Garcia

SP cab forwardNot so small – Southern Pacific cab-forward #4294 the last survivor of her type. Photo by Dan the Man Garcia

The museum is surrounded by Old Sacramento, a collection of buildings restored to recreate the feel of Sacramento in the 1800’s, but now offering numerous shops and restaurants. We also enjoyed exploring this area for a while and grabbing a nice Mexican lunch before heading back to the show for a final check on the booth.

Old SacramentoBack to the 1880’s – well, except for them modern horseless carriage type things….Photo by Dangerous Dan Garcia

After verifying that our booth was still there we headed over to visit the RPM (Railway Prototype Modeler’s) room. It was nice to see an RPM presence here again this year. I have a big fan of the RPM movement over the years. I believe that they represent some of the finest modeling occurring today. I also had the chance to re-connect with a couple of old friends there. As a bit of fun we put out the reefer test samples on one of the display tables, and they received several accolades from those who saw them.

VIA Rail SkylineSanta Fe 3800 class 2-10-2. HO model by Richard Hendrickson.

VIA Rail SkylineNWP 40′ MOW boxcar. HO model by James Keena.

BNSF GP60BNSF and LMX leasing modern diesel thingies. HO models by Tim Costello. OK – they’re a GP60 and B39-8E… I hope!

Wonder what this guy had on display? Tune in tomorrow!

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