A bit of a “mini-blog” tonight as Dan and I are quite tired. This year’s NMRA continues to impress with a great turnout and a tremendous response all around to our new products. It’s encouraging to see such enthusiastic support for projects that have taken so much effort to bring to market! Once again, the crowd today included modelers (and future modelers) of all ages and backgrounds. It was fantastic to get a chance to talk to so many folks.

Dan at workA few of the morning crowd today…

In an example of perseverance paying off (or, nagging sometimes works…) after repeated requests Dan took one of our HO FP9A loco samples to the Edmonton Society of Model Railroad Engineers’ LaBaJa layout for an extended test run at the head of a number of Rapido Via Rail passenger cars. Various club members have been asking all weekend for a chance to do this, but we have just been too busy to break free. Finally, in a brief lull this afternoon Dan had a chance to bring #6505 over for a few circuits of the layout. Tomorrow we hope to bring the entire Canadian passenger train to a couple of the modular groups for some demonstration runs.

Dan at work

Dan at work#6505 running on the LaBaJa route..Dan gets all of the fun!

Working these shows can often be grueling, and Dan and I are both happy to be off of our feet for a few hours. (Note to show promoters: Can we find a venue with softer concrete floors?) However, we have had the chance to visit with many local modelers, and renew acquaintances with others who we see only at shows. We have also been able to visit with several other friendly manufacturers and store owners. For me this is one of the highlights of these events. Additionally, Dan and I have been lucky to receive some special invitations for Monday which I hope to be able to share soon afterwards.

Only one day left….!


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