It is with a certain amount of regret, mixed with a fair amount of joy and a few pain killers (that concrete floor was TOUGH on the joints!) I can report that the 2011 National Train Show in Sacramento is now over. Thanks to everybody that stopped by our booth. It was great to have a chance to talk to so many modelers and talk about our various products. For me personally, it was also the first chance to see both the FP9 and The Canadian as complete, decorated and finished models. During the design process I have spent the last two and a bit years staring at these things on computer screens, in photos and on blueprints, but up to this weekend I had yet to see what can truly be called completed models. Jason and I did indeed spend three weeks in China working with our factory to finalize designs and produce these samples, yet I left a day or so before he did and when I last saw the projects they were piles of parts on the desks of our engineers and assembly staff. There is something magical about seeing a project come to completion as these have, and what an end product!

Dan at workYours truly getting to run our FP9’s back and forth all of 12 feet. This was just not good enough for our intrepid photgrapher, Digital Dan!

So, having worked hard all weekend, what better way to end the show than to play trains? Not content to just watch our little FP9’s run back and forth on a 12’ display, Dan arranged to run the complete Canadian train – all 10 cars and A-B-A locos – on not one, but two huge modular club layouts at the end of the day. Both the Edmonton Society of Model Railroad Engineers and the Freemo modular group hosted Dan and the complete train on their layouts. Thanks to the fact that most show goers had left just before the show closed its doors I was able to leave the booth under the careful supervision of our neighbor for the weekend, Alameda Car Works, and both see the train in action for a few minutes as well as shoot some video. I’ll upload the video some time later in the week, but for now here are some stills.

On the LaBaJa layoutThe Canadian on the LaBaJa route..Now that’s more like it!

On the Freemo layoutThe Canadian again, now on the Freemo Modular group’s layout.
Just like on any other railfan outing, there is always some idiot manages to get into and ruin the shot!

Hey… wait a minute….!

On the Freemo layout
A still from the video. Get the popcorn ready, all the sounds and motion will come later in the week!

Finally, thanks to everybody involved with putting on this year’s convention and train show. The 2011 convention must surely go down as one of the best promoted and run in recent years. Hoepfully everybody involved can now take a few days off to recouperate! As for Dan and I, we have the honor of having been invited on a personal tour tomorrow of the California State Railroad Museum by Dr. Denny Anspach, one of its founders. Afterwards we will have the chance to visit one of the truly outstanding model railroads in the country, Jack Burgess’ Yosemite Valley before flying to our respective homes on Tuesday morning. That’s our idea of a day off!

Thanks for following along!


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