Get them on the train!

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We just had a baby boy – our third. Big brother Boaz and big sister Dalya were joined on 6 January by little Isaac. Evidently, it’s Jason who is writing this blog entry as Bill’s wife would be very surprised to hear that she now has three children.

In our family we have a tradition. When each kid is six weeks old, he or she takes their first ride on a VIA train. On 20 February, at the ripe old age of 44 days, Isaac was put on the train to Brockville. The rest of the family came too.

The Shrons at Oshawa Station en route to Brockville

Isaac and (most of the) family ready to board train #54 at Oshawa Station

This kid follows after his father’s heart. He was underwhelmed by the Renaissance cars…

Isaac in the Renaissance Coach…but he was very excited by the LRC. So excited, actually, that when I tried to get him to look out the window he was more interested in studying the seat back detail. I think he plans to scratchbuild some more modern LRC seats for his fleet because his daddy’s seats will be too old school for him.

Isaac  /></a></p><p>Isaac’s brother and sister ride VIA all the time. We regularly go to Brockville, Kingston and London, as they are an easy day trip from Toronto.</p><p><a href=Shrons and Wakefords in Brockville

Junior Shrons and Wakefords on a summer day trip to Brockville

Whenever we go to Winnipeg (once or twice a year), we take the train. Some people talk about their “once-in-a-lifetime” trip on The Canadian. Our kids can talk about their “most recent” trip on The Canadian and they are always looking forward to their next one.

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