'Totally Wired' Telephone Poles

HO Scale "Totally Wired" Telephone Poles
(sorry - train, landscape, sky, hand and sleeve not included)

The reason you haven't seen our "Totally Wired" Telephone Poles on the market in a while is that the factory doubled the price in the two years between runs and they were now costing more than the selling price. We're working with the factory to find a way to semi-automate the assembly process so we can make the Telephone Poles again, but in the meantime, we can't produce them.

The lesson here: if Rapido (or any other manufacturer) announces a product that you really want, don't take a "wait and see" approach or you may never get it.

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Product Number 300001 • MSRP $39.95 •

Currently out of stock at Rapido. Please see your dealer.

We all want wires on our model railroad telephone poles, but who wants to spend the 20 years to install them? That's 10 years to install the wires, and 10 years of therapy to recover! Now you can add super-detailed, "Totally Wired" Telephone Poles to your entire HO scale layout in no time at all.

Each package contains 11 single poles and one double pole. 17 scale-size highly resilient wires are already installed on all of the poles.

'Totally Wired' Telephone Poles

- HO Scale "Totally Wired" Branch Line Telephone Poles
(sorry - train, landscape,trestle and cows not included)

NEW!! Coming Soon....
Product Number 300003 • MSRP $39.95

Our "Totally Wired" Telephone Poles will soon be available in a two-arm version common on many US and Canadian lines.

Each package contains 11 single poles and one double pole. Sscale-size wires are already installed on all of the poles.

Pre-wired and ready to install!

THAT'S RIGHT - the wires are ALREADY installed on the poles!

'Totally Wired' Telephone Poles

Simply remove the poles from the foam base and plant them on your layout. With over 16 actual feet (almost 5 meters) of wire, the poles can be spaced up to 100 scale feet apart. The wires unroll from rollers inside the box as you pull the telephone poles out. We've done all the hard work for you, and we're a lot cheaper than therapy!

With "Totally Wired" Telephone Poles from Rapido Trains Inc., your model railroad's right-of-way will be elevated to a new level of realism. Totally.

See them in Action!

Telephone Pole Installation Video Samples
Telephone Poles Sample Installation 1

Click on the image above to see a short video clip.

I've tangled my set. Can you help?

If you tangle one of your first sets, have no fear. Please Contact Us and we'll send you one replacement set for $20.00 postage paid in Canada and the United States ($30.00 overseas). You'll need to send us the UPC codes and a photo of your tangled set to qualify. You will be limited to one replacement set.

Also Available...

NEW!! Coming Soon....
Product Number 102055 • MSRP $5.95

Now you can add additional wires to your "Totally Wired" Telephone Poles! Our "Totally Wired" Telephone Wire is the same incredibly flexible and durable material used on our "Totally Wired" Telephone Poles. 5 meter (15') roll.

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