New Product Delivery Schedule

Last updated: August 29, 20145


Factory Delivery Schedule (Subject to change...)

Project Order Deadline Est Delivery Status
ho tRACK
Bendy Track Open Unknown  
FL9 Open Late 2015  
GMD-1 Closed Shipped!!  
Panorama Line Office Cars Available Arrived!! US Roads
Panorama Line Surprises Available Arrived!! US Roads
Panorama Line Surprises Available Shippped!! Canadian Roads
Café Bar Lounge Closed Shippped!! (First shipment)
10 - 5 Sleeper Closed Shipped!! (First shipment)
Osgood Bradley 10-Window Coach Open Late 2015  
FL9 Closed Shippped!!  
Budd Dome Closed Mid 2016  
Confederation Train Open Early 2016  
CP FP9A/F9B Open Early 2016  
Steam Generator Cars Open Mid 2016  
FPA-4/FPB-4 Closed Shippped!!  
F40PH (Amtrak) Open Late 2015  
F40PH-2D (VIA) Closed Shipped!!  
GMD-1 Closed Shipped!!  
CN 1954 FP9A Closed Shipped!!  
CN 1954 FP9A Closed Shipped!!  
ACR, Conway, Undec FP9A Closed Shipped!!  
"Gray Ghost" FP9A Please contact Boreal Trains Shipped!!  
F9B Closed Shipped!!  
LRC Loco Closed Shipped!! VIA Scheme
LRC Loco Closed Shipped!! All others
LRC coach Closed Shipped!!  
Budd "Park" Cars Closed Shipped!!  
Budd Coach Closed Shipped!!  
Super Continental Line Coach Closed Shipped!! GT Coaches delayed
Osgood Bradley Coach + smokers Closed Shipped!!  
Meat Reefers Closed Shipped!!  
Gondolas Closed Shipped!!  

The schedule is subject to change due to unexpected headaches in production!


Where Can I Purchase Your Products?

Rapido Trains Inc. products can be ordered from any hobby retailer or directly from us. All prices shown are Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. Dealer may sell for less.

With the exception of some accessory items, all Rapido Trains Inc. products are produced strictly to reservations placed before the appropriate order deadlines. Avoid missing out by reserving in advance with your dealer. To make sure that you do not miss a deadline - sign up for our newsletters.

What About Previous Releases?

Our web site lists currently available or upcoming products only. Rapido has produced many other cars in the past that may still be on dealers shelves. For a complete Excel listing of all products, past and present, right-click here and "Save as..." to a location on your computer.