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TURBO UPDATE! Upgraded trains available NOW!!

Available Paint Schemes:
New Haven/US DOT Penn Central/US DOT

Quantities below as of July 14, 2014

TurboTrain Sound-Equipped 3-Car Set: New Haven / US DOT - Updated - $299.95
OPERATED 1967-1968*

TURBO NUMBER # UAC1 - Only 2 available! Order Now
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* Many New Haven fans do not actually know that the TurboTrain was, in fact, a New Haven initiative in the same vein as Train X in the previous decade. The bulk of testing of the TurboTrain was on the New Haven, and the TurboTrains were maintained in Providence, Rhode Island. The TurboTrain would make an interesting addition to your New Haven-themed model railroad.

TurboTrain Sound-Equipped 3-Car Set: Penn Central/US DOT - Updated - $299.95
OPERATED 1968-1971
TURBO NUMBER # 52-71-53 - Only 21 available! Order Now
PRODUCT NUMBER 201002 Review Cart



















In 2008, Rapido Trains Inc. produced the first ever accurate model of the TurboTrain - North America's fastest train. Now you can once again relive your memories of seeing this train roar past. Both engines are sound-equipped, so your TurboTrain will roar at the front and the rear just like the real thing.

We have made an extremely limited run of TurboTrains with brand-new power trucks and gearboxes for smooth operation. Fewer than 70 trains are available per paint scheme. Order yours today to ensure you don't miss out. First come, first served! Once these trains are gone, they are gone for good.

Our Ready-to-Run TurboTrain comes in a 3-car, powered set. For speed and reliability, both Power Dome Cars are equipped with a 5-pole skew-wound motor and flywheel, and sound. We also have a very limited supply of additional coaches available to make a longer train.

Available from your dealer or direct from Rapido

Some of the features of the updated TurboTrain include:

•    Updated gearboxes for better low speed performance
•    Accurately scaled from original production blueprints
•    All prototype-specific variations included
•    Fully sound equipped, sampled from some of the only surviving recordings of the train
•    Works on DC and DCC layouts, and includes a remote control to operate sounds in DC mode
•    Sprung single-axle trucks and full-width operating rubber diaphragms
•    Flush tinted windows, full painted interior and constant interior lighting
•    Operating headlights, Gyralites, and tail lights
•    Additional Intermediate Cars available to make up to a 9-car train.
•    Free 136 page book "TurboTrain: A Journey" included in every set.

The first book ever to tell the story of the TurboTrain through history, stories and photographs, the majority of which have never been published before. One free 136 page copy included in every set. Additional copies can be ordered here. AVAILABLE NOW!

TurboTrain Book TURBOTRAIN: A JOURNEY by Jason Shron

It has been over 40 years since the TurboTrain first rocketed to its record-breaking speeds and touched the hearts of a new generation of railfans. Part train, part jet aircraft, the TurboTrain was the latest in ground transport innovation.
But the Turbo's promise of a new era of passenger travel sadly went unfulfilled. A gas turbine powered train introduced at a time of unprecedented hostility towards passenger train travel and unprecedented high fuel prices had little chance.

Despite its obstacles, the TurboTrain was a success with the traveling public and, by the time the last trains were retired in 1982, Turbo was running at over 98 percent efficiency. This made it one of the most reliable passenger trains in North America.

TurboTrain: A Journey is the first book ever to tell the story of the TurboTrain through history, stories and photographs, the majority of which have never been published before.



We have redesiged our TurboTrain gears and motors for better slow-speed performance. These new gearboxes are available to TurboTrain owners at our cost.

Click here to order the new gearboxes.

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