DCC Decoders

Rapido/ESU DCC Decoders

We’re delighted to announce Rapido HO Scale sound decoders and speakers. In the bag you get an ESU LokSound Select decoder loaded with Rapido’s own sound recordings, as well as a special 8-ohm, “MP3 player” speaker that fits snugly into a narrow locomotive hood. The sound quality from this speaker is spectacular.

ESU LokSound Select decoder and
our special speaker with housing – 54mm x 15mm x 5mm (2.1″ x .6″ x .2″)

The ESU LokSound Select DCC decoders are available in both 8-pin and 21-pin configuration.

The following products are available from the Rapido Swag Store (visit Canada store or US/Rest of World store):


8-Pin ESU LokSound Select DCC decoder (HO Scale) – FREE SHIPPING!
310001-8 GMD/EMD F-Unit (16V-567) $129.95
310002-8 GMD-1/SW/GP (12V-567) $129.95
310003-8 MLW FPA-4 (251/V12) $129.95
310004-8 Exclusive F40PH/F40PH-2D $134.95
310005-8 MLW/Alco/Bombardier (251F/V16) $134.95
310006-8 EMD FL9 $129.95
310008-8 Budd RDC Railcar  $129.95
310011-8 Alco/MLW FA-2 & FPA-2  $129.95
More to come soon…
21-Pin ESU LokSound Select DCC decoder (HO Scale) – FREE SHIPPING!
310001-21 GMD/EMD F-Unit (16V-567) $129.95
310002-21 GMD-1/SW/GP (12V-567) $129.95
310003-21 MLW FPA-4 (251/V12) $129.95
310004-21 Exclusive F40PH/F40PH-2D $134.95
310005-21 MLW/Alco/Bombardier (251F/V16) $134.95
310006-21 EMD FL9 $129.95
310008-21 Budd RDC Railcar  $129.95
310011-21 Alco/MLW FA-2 & FPA-2 $129.95
More to come soon…

Where Can I Purchase Your Products?
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What About Previous Releases?
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