Edmundston Blog: 10 May 2018 (part 1)

Edmundston Blog: 10 May 2018 – part 1


It’s been almost a year since the last update on our sleeping car, Edmundston. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy! George Johnstone spent much of the summer and fall working on the sleeper, removing the radiators to allow for installation of HEP (Head End Power) heater bars. Dan and Jordan helepd out when they could.

Jordan removes a hopper cover in a roomette plus the very rotten floor of Roomette 9.
This is easily fixed, but we can’t fix it until we find the source of the leak.

Right from when we bought Edmundston we knew that Roomette 9 was going to have problems. The floor flet a bit… spongy. When it rains you can see why – there is a water leak somewhere around that roomette. This seems to be a common problem in E sleepers. Our friend, Richard Longpre, had a similar leak in his sleeper, Exeter.

Dan, Jordan and George spent considerable time stripping the affected roomette and the adjacent lower, Roomette 11, to enable the leak to be repaired.

George clears debris in Roomette 9.
Yes, that’s daylight poking through the floor of the bathroom!

We also continued our deconstruction of the bathroom end. While the walls had come down earlier, the floor also needed to be removed so we could make repairs to the structure.

The corrosion at the bathroom end was even more serious than we anticipated. This end will require a complete rebuild.

Mike joined us for the first time in August and we pulled out the blower motor for rebuilding. This motor is in great condition but it needs to be rewound for AC. That first required removing it from the ceiling, and it’s not exactly a featherweight.

First Gomez Had to disconnect the motor.

Dan Garcia and Mike Loyst enjoying themselves taking things apart…
hope they know how to put it back together again!

It may look like Dan and Mike are happily carrying the blower motor in the picture above,
but actually it’s George and Jordan doing most of the work…

It’s neat when you find these little gems inside Edmundston. It reminds us that
this car worked hard in service for our national passenger railway for many years.

Getting up into the ceiling, Gomez could see where previous corrosion repairs had been made (on the right) and where there was a new hole waiting to be fixed (on the left). It is pretty clear that keeping Edmundston free of leaks is going to be a life-long game of whack-a-mole.

Corrosion repairs on top of corrosion repairs!

You could almost think this car was in service… except it is far from it!
Still lots of work to be done…

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