Edmundston Blog: 29 July 2017

Edmundston Blog: 29 July 2017

While most people are away on vacation or in the case of Team Rapido, either busy in the office or riding buses in England (ahem, Jason? Gareth?), our good friend George has been hard at work getting Edmunston ready to ride the rails in the finest 1980’s style.

As previously reported, we were after an effective means to control the rust and replace the insulation in the hallways adjacent to the bedrooms. George has now finished spraying inside the walls with rust inhibitor and the walls are all now completely insulated. Wood sheeting has been cut and waterproofed for installation in the near future.

The walls have been treated with rust inhibitor (left) while the new insulation is cut to fit (right). All that’s missing is the wood sheeting and the carpet.

Now, with George being finished working on the walls in the hallway, we can finally work on reinstalling the carpet wall covering. Flashback to September of 2016 when we were able to source new carpet for the walls of Edmunston. In a hurry to get it purchased, Jason sent Dan Darnell and Jordan on a rush trip to get the carpet. Worried that it would be too large to fit his vehicle, Jason assured Dan it would fit. Well, you be the judge …

Not your typical means of hauling a roll of carpet. I guess Jason wasn’t completely wrong when he said it would fit.

The giant roll of carpet has been sitting in our warehouse for 10 months now, but with work in the hallway finally getting to the point of needing carpet, we’ll finally be able to get it out and up to Edmunston where it can be put to good use.

George has also been working on cleaning up the bedrooms a bit, as they’ve been turned into impromptu storage rooms thus far. He’s also gotten started on cleaning up the stainless steel finishing and fixtures throughout the car. In most cases, all these need is a good buff with some polishing compound.

There’s not a lot of photos in this update, and to be realistic, there’s many phases of restoring a rail car where the appearance isn’t really going to change much. And really, who wants to look at a picture of a rusting floor? I’d much rather see a picture of a blue and yellow car in pristine condition.

Rest assured, we’ll get there.

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