Edmundston Blog: 30 May 2017

Edmundston Blog: 30 May 2017

During our last work session on our sleeping car, Edmundston, it was a classic case of two steps forward and one step back.

Before getting into that I’m really happy that we now have a part-time awesome guy working on Edmundston. George Johnstone lives about half an hour from Orangeville (where the car is located) and he is now working on Edmundston three days a week. George is a skilled craftsman – he bought and restored an old CP station. Still lives in it today.

Dan and George relocate the generator under the car.

The main goal was to remove all the old steam-heat radiators from the interior of the car. These are located in every room along the edge of the wall and as the car will no longer be steam heated, they all need to be removed.

Removing radiators from under wall sections is no easy task. Thankfully Dan is up to the challenge!

With those rads removed, the next day was spent removing them from all the bedrooms and roomettes. While this was fairly straightforward, it led to the discovery of a new problem in the roomette area. We already knew the floor in roomette 7 was in need of replacement. What we didn’t know was the extent of the damage and the fact it was still subject to water penetrating the car from an unknown location!

Jordan works at removing the flooring in one of the roomettes.

We are theorizing the water is coming from either the window in roomette 7 or possibly from one of the roof mounted air intakes located close by. Either way, water has been pooling on the raised floor of roomette 7 for quite some time to the point it had rotted through the ply-metal floor under the carpet and into the lower roomette 5. We hadn’t noticed this initially, but when we went to remove the radiators in room 5, we found the mattress to be completely soaked in water! This turned out to be a bit of a blessing as the mattress was soaking up the water like a sponge and further preventing damage to the lower floor.

What was left of the mattresses once they were removed from the car. That’s a giant sponge alright!

While George and Jordan were working on these issues, Dan was testing out a rust converter/primer on the corridor inner walls of the car. This spray coats the metal and prevents further rust from forming. When the inner walls are all coated we can install new insulation and rebuild the Masonite wall sections.

With most of the rads now removed, our next tasks include completing the floor removal in the A end bathrooms and having the new floor supports welded in, removing the remaining radiators in the sections and removing the water damaged floors in the roomettes. With these tasks completed, Ted can begin installing the electrical equipment in the car.

With the covers removed, the radiators were no match for Team Rapido!

Another continuing work in progress is replacement of the window glass. We have made progress in the last few weeks removing the older broken windows, restoring the frames and installing new glass. We hope to have this completed later in the summer.

But then we discovered that vandals had smashed one of our new windows AND they had dragged a rock along the side of the car, scratching the paint and even the name EDMUNDSTON. Do these idiots really have nothing better to do than destroy private property? Orangeville must be the vandalism capital of Canada. This was a huge disappointment, but we soldier on. We are hoping to have the car in service in September. It needs to be!

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