Edmundston Blog: 8 June 2018

Edmundston Blog: 8 June 2018


After the uncertainty earlier this year related to changes in ownership to the rail line in Orangeville was ultimately resolved, and Edmundston was relocated to its new home at VIA Rail’s Toronto Maintenance Yard, it was now time to get back to work on restoration.

While there are many elements to a restoration that get all of the big press and “hoopla” (we believe this to be an official term), it’s the little things that really add up. Take for instance, cleaning up the window frames. As you may recall, we had some unplanned visits from some young hooligans while Edmundston was parked up at Orangeville, and as a result we lost a few windows due to flying projectiles. The temporary fix was to throw sheets of plywood into the window frames, but this wasn’t expected to be a long term solution. Chris Fox was at his best once again cleaning up one of the window frames the other day.

The problem with plywood is it likes to absorb water, and then rot. So first step was cleaning out the window frame of all that the plywood goop (another official term) left behind.

With the frame cleaned out of all the wood, it was ready for some rust prevention.

Chris used a product called POR15 Rust Preventive Coating. It’s been the go-to choice for work to date on Edmundston and goes on easily. It also has a nice glossy black finish to it too.

A view of the entire window frame showing the rust prevention treatment. That’s a fine looking Budd product on the other track, ain’t it?

The repaired and prepared frame pending re-installation of the window frame and glass!

Over the course of the summer, Chris is working towards multiple window replacements. Check the video below for an in-depth look at the process.

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