Edmundston Blog: 9 June 2017

Edmundston Blog: 9 June 2017

Progress! After many months of work, we reached a small but important milestone in Edmundston’s restoration. We have finally completed the removal of the water damaged washrooms at the A end of the car! This might not seem like much, but with the walls and floor removed, we can now begin the process of installing the new washroom/shower facilities. With the rotten floor out of the way, Ted can now bring in his welder to begin fixing the steel floor supports. We are hoping to have the welder finish his work in the next couple of weeks so we can get to work putting the car back together! With the floor out of the way, Jordan used the shop vac to remove the remaining debris and ended up with over 20lbs of rust, dust and other dirt cleaned out. Nasty!

What remains of the floors under the end washrooms. While the left side needs just a bit of work, the right side needs entirely new floor plates and some structural members are even missing!

Meanwhile at the other end of the car, we have begun removing the water damage in roomettes 7 and 9. The damage in upper room 7 ended up being more extensive than expected so we are now removing the entire floor and replacing it with a new sheet of plywood. Unfortunately the corrosion and water damage has also rusted many of the screws and brackets holding the floor in place so the process has been going much slower than expected. George is up to the task however and is sure to have the old floor removed later this week. Jordan worked with George and was able to partially remove the toilet. Roomette 9 also has some damage to its floor from the same water leakage, but we will be removing it anyway and replacing it in time with a small kitchenette. Dan started working on the removal and has already made progress.

Jordan works at removing the housing around one of the roomette toilets. It’s a good thing too, as we found one that was completely smashed below the bowl!

All of our modifications to the interior configuration of the car will be reversible, especially roomette 9. At this point, we feel it is necessary to sacrifice one sleeping space to give Edmundston a food preparation area. This is essential for using Edmundston in excursion service on the Credit Valley Explorer, and it is also very helpful when (not if!) we get Edmundston onto the mainline in some form of overnight charter.

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