HO Scale 3800 cu. ft. Cylindrical Hopper

HO 3800 cu. ft. Cylindrical Hopper


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Marine Industries 3850 cu.ft. – Canadian National as delivered with red noodle and lettering.

Following its well-received 52’6″ CN/CP Mill Gondola, Rapido Trains Inc. is proud to announce a new addition to its range of iconic Canuck freight cars in HO Scale, the first accurate model of the 3800 cu.ft. Cylindrical Hopper. For years Canadian modellers have had to put up with 4550 grain cars painted to represent these classic vehicles, but no more! Time to throw out your foobies!

The prototype cars were designed for carrying bulk commodities like powdered minerals and industrial chemicals, including cement and potash. They are 100-tons in capacity with four hopper compartments totaling 3800-3850 cubic feet and are fitted with either round or trough hatches. Examples were built by all three of the major car builders in Canada and they have traveled to every corner of Canada and the contiguous United States.


National Steel Car 3800 cu.ft. – CN mineral brown with small noodle/website logo.

The first delivery of these cars was from early 1965 with an order of 481 cars with round hatches and 3850 cu. ft. capacity for Canadian National, #370000-370480, painted light grey with red ‘noodle’ and lettering. Marine Industries developed the car from the uniquely Canadian aluminum 3400 cu.ft covered hoppers with flat top and curved sides, adopting a full cylindrical style body and increasing the interior length to 41’3″. A further 1100 cars arrived on CN before the end of 1967.

During 1974-5, CN acquired 2000 examples of the 3800 cu. ft. design with round hatches, with 1000 being delivered with CNIS reporting marks and branding for international service (i.e. in the US). The majority of these cars are still in service today and CN has been upgrading and repainting them in its smart mineral brown livery with www.cn.ca website brandings. Examples can be found wearing CN, CNIS and CNLX reporting marks.


Marine Industries 3800 cu.ft. – CP Rail with late Multimark.

The first Canadian Pacific deliveries took place from mid 1966 with an order of 500 cars with round hatches, #382000-382499, painted in CP black with script lettering.  CP returned for a further 496 cars the following year, before acquiring 600 cars with trough hatches in 1968.

Click here to see the paint schemes and road numbers 
It’s final order was in 1975, encompassing 150 cars with round hatches for its international CPI fleet, the only 3800 cu. ft. hoppers to be delivered in the Multimark scheme, although hundreds of cars were repainted into the same livery. Many examples can still be found in use today, wearing CP and CPLX reporting marks.


National Steel Car 3850 cu.ft. – Toronto Hamilton & Buffalo as delivered.

Canadian Pacific also assumed control of the small fleet of 50 3850 cu. ft. hoppers built for the Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo in 1967 on the CP takeover in 1987. They were given new CPLX reporting marks.

National Steel Car 3800 cu.ft. – Procor UNPX with “Flying P” logo

Close to a thousand cars were built for leasing companies, including North American Car Canada (NCHX), Canpotex (PTEX) and Procor (UNPX), while CGLX, NAHX, and, more recently, WREX, later acquired fleets secondhand. Many of these are still in service today.

Marine Industries 3800 cu.ft. version with small CP Multimark.

Our model has been scaled from manufacturer drawings and will include alternative parts allowing us to represent the majority of differences between the Marine Industries (MIL) and National Steel Car (NSC) constructed cars. Features include:

  • Brand new Dofasco S-2 100-ton trucks
  • Two body variations with six or 11 side panels
  • Three brake equipment variations and optional additional air reservoir on NSC cars (if applicable)
  • Etched running boards and brake changeover platform
  • Factory-installed air pipes and coupler cut levers
  • Finely moulded plastic walkway supports (Marine Industries and NSC versions) and end cages
  • Full separate air piping and brake equipment details
  • Metal Macdonald-Cartier knuckle couplers are fitted as standard

If this model is popular then other variants, such as trough hatch and pressure unloading cars, will appear in the future.

Each six-pack includes six different car numbers. Dealers may break up the six pack for individual sales. Dealers and distributors must order by six pack. Mixed packs of six will be available for Canadian dealers (note car numbers will be random).

Ten paint schemes will be produced in the first run along with both Marine Industries and NSC versions of the undecorated kit. The full list is as follows:

Canadian National
CN (as delivered grey with red noodle)
CN – Potash Display Scheme
CNLX (grey with large black noodle)
CN (mineral brown with small noodle/website)

Canadian Pacific
CP (as delivered black with script lettering)
CP (CP Rail with large Multimark)
CP (CP Rail with small Multimark)

Toronto Hamilton & Buffalo
THB (as delivered)

UNPX (as delivered with ‘Flying P’ logo)
UNPX (light grey repaint with blue logo)

The 3800 cu.ft Cylindrical Hopper is priced:

Single car: $49.95 (US) and $59.95 (Canada)
Six-pack: $289.95 (US), $349.95 (Canada)

As usual, these freight cars will be made to order.

The order deadline has now closed. Please contact your dealer.
Delivery is expected in fall 2017.

 Click here to see the paint schemes and road numbers
Canadian National Leasing CNLX grey with large noodle.


National Steel Car 3800 cu.ft. – Procor UNPX repaint grey with black lettering.

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