HO New Haven Parlor Cars

HO NH Parlors & Parlor-Lounges

Photo courtesy Kevin T. Farrell Collection/NRHRTA.

De-skirted NH 404 New Haven at Boston in July 1972. Photo courtesy Kevin T. Farrell Collection/NHRHTA

nh-parlor-chairRapido Trains Inc. is proud to announce the next car in our HO scale Pullman-Bradley lightweight series – the New Haven Parlor and Parlor-lounge cars. Your passengers can now travel in true comfort and style! The Parlors follow on from our extremely well-received NH 8600-series coaches, released in fall 2016.

The 30 Parlor and Parlor-Lounge cars were part of a large order of lightweight passenger cars placed with Pullman-Standard in December 1945. This was designed to modernize New Haven’s worn out fleet and attact customers back to the rails after the end of WWII. The order included a variety of car styles, including 103 coaches, 25 parlor cars, 5 parlor-lounge cars, diners, grill diners, combination baggage buffet lounge/parlors, and two tavern lounge observation cars. These were produced in the old Osgood Bradley factory in Worcester, MA, so they bear more than a passing resemblance to the Osgood Bradley Lightweights delivered in the 1930s.

The New Haven’s stainless cars were not built entirely from stainless steel like the cars produced by Budd in Philadelphia. Instead, they were constructed from Cor-Ten steel and sheathed with stainless steel fluting panels. The New Haven touted the cars as “the newest of the new in coach equipment – gleaming stainless steel on the outside, the last word in attractive decoration and design on the inside.”

Photo by Morley J. Kelsey/NHRHTA.

As built New Haven Parlor-Lounge Car 400 Connecticut River in 1958. Photo by Morley J. Kelsey/NHRHTA.


NH Parlor car interior. Photo courtesy NHRHTA.

Notably the 25 36-seat parlor cars (numbered in the 300-series) were given names of towns and cities served by the New Haven, while the five 400-series parlor-lounge cars (26-seat parlor/14-seat smoking lounge) were initially named after local rivers.

Like our 8600 cars, the Parlor and Parlor-Lounges will be available fitted with original side skirts or in later de-skirted condition. The interior will correctly replicate the differences between the two car types and extra seats are included to make as-delivered cars with extra seat row.

On the merger with the Penn Central in 1969 the cars transferred to the new North East railroad with many moving to Amtrak on its formation in 1971.

Photo courtesy NHRHTA.

NH 313 Pawtucket in the classic McGinnis paint scheme. Photo courtesy NHRHTA.

Our HO scale model of the New Haven Parlor car is being produced in association with the New Haven Railroad Historical & Technical Association (NHRHTA).

  • Accurately designed from original blueprints
  • Correct tubular cross section
  • Accurate Pullman-Standard stainless steel fluting profile
  • Rapido’s renowned stainless steel finish
  • Partial skirting or no skirting as appropriate
  • Full and correct interior details for both versions
  • Track-powered constant lighting for DC and DCC
  • Full underbody details
  • Operating diaphragms with end gates
  • Separate grab irons, factory-installed
  • 41-BNO-11 trucks with blackened metal wheels
  • 22” minimum radius (18” radius with modification)
  • Macdonald-Cartier metal magnetic knuckle couplers
  • Many car names plus un-named per paint scheme
  • Extra seats available to make as-delivered cars with extra seat row
  • Unnamed models include car name decals and optional name boards

Some product numbers will be exclusively available through NHRHTA.

MSRP is $99.95 in the US and Rest of the World / $119.95 in Canada

The order deadline has now closed. Please contact your dealer.
Delivery is expected in fall 2017.

 Click here for a list of paint schemes and road numbers/car names.

Photo courtesy NHRHTA.

Original condition NH 312 Attleboro in Hew Haven green. Photo courtesy NHRHTA.

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