HO New Look Bus – FAQ

HO New Look Bus – FAQ



Making a 3D scan of TTC “New Look” #8058.

1. Which New Look bus is your model based on?

Our model is based on TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) #8058. This is T6H-5307N built in 1975 and used in service until 2004. (T=Transit, 6=6 cylinders, H=Hydrostatic Transmission, 53=53 seats, 07=model number, N=Not air conditioned). This style of TTC bus was used until 2012. The T6H-5307N and its sister T6H-5307A (with air conditioning) was the second most common New Look bus model.” Maybe “The T6H-5307N and its sister T6H-5307A (with air conditioning) were the second most common New Look bus models. 6243 buses were built between 1972 and 1984.

2. Why are there no letters G, M or C on the badge on the nose?

We don’t have permission to include those letters on the nose. We made inquiries, but got no response. If you know anyone in The Company That Must Not Be Named who can get us permission to include those letters on the bus model, we would love to print them on.

3. Why aren’t you doing (insert transit agency here)? And do you do custom runs?

In choosing the first run transit agencies, we looked for companies that owned buses with double-stream (or at least bi-fold) rear doors. When producing a bus livery, we need a minimum production run of 300 models. While we would love to do agencies from smaller communities, we doubt whether we could sell enough models. If you would like to commission a custom run of buses, 300 is the magic number.

GO 1016 pauses at York Mills Station on the Hwy 2 service in October 1986.
If we ever do a model of this, we’ll make sure our flag is mounted straight.
David Onodera Photo.

4. What about doing (insert New Look bus style here)?

Obviously we can’t do every style of New Look bus (although Jason would really really like to). Every time we change a window, door or marker light configuration we need to make new steel moulds which cost thousands of dollars each. A new interior requires two moulds: a floor and seats. Provided our first model sells well, the next bus will be a TDH-5303 based on our own Rapido Bus. It will feature single-stream rear doors and a more conventional interior layout. If that does exceptionally well, we will look at doing 96″ wide and/or 35′ long buses and/or Suburbans. But it all depends on sales.

5. Will you be doing any MCI or other buses in the future?

We would love to. Again, it depends on how well our first bus models do.

Bus-O-Rama advertising panels on a New Orleans Public Service (NOPS) bus in 1976. Courtesy Andrew Novak Collection.

6. Will you be doing the Bus-O-Rama advertising panels?

When we do the TDH-5303, we will make the Bus-O-Rama advertising panels.

7. Why do I have to pre-order the bus?

Rapido’s business model is “made to order.” We accept orders for several months and then we close the order desk and build as many models as we have orders for. Stores and distributors often order extra stock, but we don’t produce any. We used to make extras, and then when the recession hit we had 3000 models in our warehouse that nobody wanted to buy. We still see some of those models in discount bins around the United States now and again.

8. When will it be delivered?

Soon after the order deadline of May 8th 2017, we will start production. The delivery date depends on how many are ordered, but we should be able to deliver all of the buses in fall 2017.


9. How do the lights work?

The lights are powered by a 12V DC power supply (not included). You probably have one lying around the house or you can find it online or at any electronics shop. There are two wires which extend from the chassis between the rear wheels. Run them through your model railroad scenery or your display shelf and connect them to the power supply. There is a hidden magnetic reed switch in the side of the bus that turns the lights on and off.

10. Will your bus work with the Woodland Scenics “Just Plug” system?

The “Just Plug” system uses a 24V power supply and dimmable LEDs. Our LEDs are not dimmable, and our model uses a 12V power supply. If there is enough demand, we can produce an inverter circuit which will accept the “Just Plug” power supply and plugs. If you want this feature, please let us know.

11. Will your bus work with the Faller Car System?

Our bus is filled with interior detail and lighting circuitry, so it does not work with the Faller Car System. We suspect it won’t take long for someone to modify our bus to work on the Faller system, and we really look forward to seeing videos of that!

12. Are the wheels or other details available separately?

Yes. The wheels are available separately, as are the bumpers and the lighting system. Click here for more information.

13. Do I have a choice of routes/destinations?

Each bus will be delivered with a blank destination sign. On the decal sheet we will include numerous popular route/destination exposures. If you are an expert on one of the American liveries we are offering, please get in touch and let us know what exposures you think we should include. They should be ones you think would have the broadest interest.

14. Why a bus?

There is a huge overlap between bus and train fans. At Rapido, more than half of our team of model railroaders – Jason, Dan, Dan and Jordan – would probably be considered “bus foamers” by the general public. For model railroaders, a model bus provides an interesting focal point to an urban scene and can be enjoyed by layout visitors even when there is no train present. For bus fans, a model bus is a goal in and of itself.

Almost every one of our North American customers grew up with the New Look Bus and this important piece of history should be done justice in model form. Bus modellers, train modellers, car modellers, plane modellers, military modellers – we’re all hobbyists and we’re all in this together.

15. Can I see/visit/ride the real Rapido Bus?

Our bus is currently parked at a secure private storage facility. If you break in to the facility to visit our bus, you will be trespassing and may be charged. You also may get hit by a moving vehicle. It’s not a good idea. We plan to bring the bus to a number of classic car shows around Ontario in 2017. Please visit our web site regularly to see when and where we will be appearing.

The real Rapido Bus.

The real Rapido Bus.

Our insurance does not allow us to carry passengers on our bus, so there won’t be any public rides on the Rapido Bus any time soon. If that should change, we will of course let everyone know.

The Rapido Bus is available to hire for TV/movie productions. Please contact us for more information.

16. I have lots of other questions! What do I do?

You can contact us via our website. Please click here to send us a message.

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