HO Scale “Oh, So Steamy!” Steam Generator Car

HO Steam Generator Car

This model has been CANCELLED!

CB&Q baggage express car

For most of the 20th century, passenger trains were heated by steam. The problem was, once diesel locomotive use became widespread in the 1940s, there was no longer a guaranteed source of steam at the head end. Many railroads developed Steam Generator Units to create the steam for on-board heating.

Our HO Scale “Oh, So Steamy!” Steam Generator Car actually generates a steam effect and expels it through the “Separator Blowdown Funnel” on the bottom of the car. Hook it up behind your locomotives, turn on the steam, ease the throttle, and watch as steam wisps out from underneath your passenger cars, just like it did on the real thing. The steam is non-toxic and actually cleans your track! And unlike most smoke-equipped steam engines, the steam fluid will not leave a yucky residue all over your layout.

The “Oh, So Steamy!” Steam Generator Car also features working backup lights. You can turn the steam and the lights on and off using the Rapido Lighter (included). The car also includes EVERY pipe that is underneath the prototype – we banged our heads on the real ones enough times to know – as well as beautiful BX express trucks and painted grab irons installed at the factory. Multiple car numbers are available for each paint scheme.

Rapido’s Steam Generator Cars have been fetching well over $200 on eBay.
Now you can add them to your fleet at a much more affordable price!

Our HO Scale Model Features:

  • Up to five numbers per paint scheme – you need one for every train!
  • Real “steam” effect which can be turned on and off by a hidden switch
  • Operating backup lights, which can be turned on and off by a hidden switch
  • Works on DC and DCC layouts
  • Full underbody detail, including ALL steam and air lines
  • See-through etched metal platforms
  • Separate, metal brake chain (sorry – it doesn’t work)
  • Accurate BX express trucks
  • Reliable electrical pickup
  • Separate metal grab irons painted and applied at the factory
  • A must for any railroad that operated passenger trains in cold weather

We have discovered that the Steam Generator moulds are worn out and we have to retire it. Sorry.

This model has been CANCELLED!

previously Available Paint Schemes:
Algoma Central New York, Ontario & Western
Amtrak (Phase 1) Northern Pacific
Chesapeake & Ohio Ontario Northland
CN (Wet Noodle) Pennsylvania RR
CN (Wet Noodle) Santa Fe
CNR (1954 Scheme) Southern 
Denver & Rio Grande Western Undecorated
Great Northern Union Pacific
Milwaukee Road (1950 Scheme) VIA Rail (CN Paint)
Milwaukee Road (UP Scheme) VIA Rail Canada
Missouri Pacific (Jenks Blue) VIA-CN
New York Central Western Pacific




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