HO Scale VIA Rebuilt F40PH-2D

HO Scale VIA Rebuilt F40PH-2D

“Renaissance” and $10 Bill Edition


“F40 Madness” continues with Canada’s passenger workhorse, the F40PH-2D.

In 2010 VIA Rail Canada contracted CAD Railway Industries in Lachine, Quebec, to rebuild its F40 locomotive fleet. This involved removal of the HEP (Head End Power) alternator and installation of a separate HEP generator in the rear of the locomotive. At the same time the locomotive was given VIA’s green, grey and yellow Renaissance paint scheme first seen on the P42DC locomotives in 2001. By the end of 2012 all 52 F40PH-2D locomotives had been rebuilt.

Some railfan somewhere decided to call the rebuilt locomotives F40PH-3, and other railfans followed suit. It is a completely made-up name, so that sentence is the last time you’ll see Rapido use it. The correct name for the locomotive is GPA-30H. General Motors Passenger A unit, 3000 HP, class H. But nobody would know what we’re talking about if we called it that so we’re referring to this locomotive simply as the Rebuilt F40PH-2D.


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F40 master class
Our Rebuilt F40PH-2D features:

– All of the amazing detail found on our original F40PH-2D release
– Accurate HEP generator details, including radiator fans, rads and cabling visible through the grilles
– All-new body with different spotting details
– Operating ditch lights and emergency light
– Accurate sounds recorded from a rebuilt F40PH-2D
– Emergency horn and two types of VIA E-Bell recordings
– Ten different locomotive numbers

In 2013 the Government of Canada issued a new polymer $10 banknote featuring “The Canadian” passenger train on the verso (back). The locomotive was number 6403 and the VIA logo was replaced by the Canada wordmark.


We’re offering a special limited run of the $10 bill version of 6403, complete with the Canada wordmark. As an added bonus, 50 of the locomotives will have a crisp, uncirculated $10 bill (protected in a plastic sleeve) hidden in the box. One locomotive will include a collection of ten uncirculated $10 bills in numerical sequence! And we’ll be sealing the boxes so you won’t be able to check in the store before you buy it!

The MSRP for all Rebuilt F40PH-2D locomotives is $349.95 (DC/DCC/Sound) and $249.95 (DC/Silent). Despite the falling value of the Canadian dollar, this is the same price as our first run of F40PH-2D locomotives more than one year ago.

As usual, these engines will be made to order.

These models were delivered in May 2017. Please contact us or see your dealer.

For a full listing of numbers please click here.

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