Mike McGrattan Memorial Gondola

Mike McGrattan Memorial Gondola

Special run of N Scale 52’6″ gondolas to help Mike’s family

Mike McGrattan 1962-2016

Mike McGrattan 1964-2016

If you follow us on Facebook you will have heard that our own Mike McGrattan lost his battle with cancer in May. This has been very difficult time for the Rapido team and of course for Mike’s family. He leaves his wife, Margaret, and his son, Sam, age 12.

Mike has been a vital member of our company since 2013. Rapido is not just a faceless organization; we’re a family. And we’ve lost one of our family.

Mike was an accomplished N scale modeller and was very well loved and respected on The Railwire forum under the name of “Puddington.” His Puddington Valley layout has had many iterations over the years, most recently in the Kanto Sub layout that he and his son built. After receiving his cancer diagnosis, Mike and Sam worked intensively and finished a gorgeous layout in only six months.

A few years ago one of Mike’s N Scale freight cars, Littl’ Puddy, travelled around the world and operated on N scale layouts from here to Japan and everywhere in between.

Lil' Puddy

The original Littl’ Puddy

To commemorate Mike’s contribution to our great hobby and to help his family out, we are now taking reservations for an N Scale Mike McGrattan Memorial Gondola, decorated in the CP-inspired paint scheme of the Puddington Valley Lines. Jeff Arnold at Prairie Shadows has generously donated the use of his 52’6″ Canadian gondola tooling.

The gon is based on CP and CN prototypes and features:

• Fully detailed sides and interior
• Full underbody detail
• Die-cast frame for optimum weight
• Body mounted Micro-Trains couplers
• Correct ride height
• Accurate paint and lettering

100% of the money raised from sale of the gondola will be put into a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) for Mike’s son, Sam. When he starts college, those funds plus interest will be given to him to help fund his education.

The price of the gondola is $35 plus shipping. If we can sell 500 gondolas that means Sam’s RESP will have a starting value of $17,500.

Please click on the links below to order yours (note the country you are ordering from). Your card will be charged now and the gons will be delivered around the middle of 2017.

N CPPV Gondola [Recovered].ai
N Scale Puddington Valley Lines Gondola – $35 plus shipping
Item  Road # Canadian customers US/Rest of World customers
6090 #1964 button-buynow-canada button-buynow-usa
6091 #2016 button-buynow-canada button-buynow-usa

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