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N Scale GMD-1 - PWRS Exclusive


Southern Railway of British Columbia GMD-1


SRY 1201 (ex CN 1116, nee CN 1016) in New Westminster, BC on March 31, 2007. Mark Forseille photo.

Pacific Western Rail Systems (PWRS) is offering an exclusive production of Southern Railway of British Columbia (SRY) ex-CN GMD-1s in N scale. These locomotives were purchased by SRY in 2005 for use on the entire network, but are often found switching the yards around New Westminster, BC. The PWRS exclusive SRY GMD-1 will come with 4 road numbers in 2 different versions of the distinct blue and black paint scheme. [caption id="attachment_10630" align="aligncenter" width="800"]

SRY 1203 (ex CN 1169, nee CN 1069) in New Westminster, BC on March 31, 2007. Mark Forseille photo.


The Rapido N Scale GMD-1 model features:

  • DC Silent or DC/DCC/Sound
  • Accurate prime mover recordings
  • 5-pole, skew-wound motor with excellent slow-speed performance
  • Revised N scale wheelset design for trouble-free operation
  • DC models wired to match the rest of your DC fleet
  • Accurate dimensions from GMD blueprints and field measurements
  • Heavy, die-cast chassis for great pulling power
  • Accurate four-wheel Flexicoil trucks and 2000-gallon fuel tank
  • Full cab interior oriented the correct way

The N scale Southern Ry of British Columbia GMD-1s are only available from Pacific Western Railway Systems.

Delivery expected in late 2018.

N Scale GMD-1 Locomotive - Southern Ry. of B.C. Exclusive to PWRS - Pacific Western Rail Systems

Road # Paint Scheme DC/Silent Item # $159.98 DC/DCC/Sound Item # $259.98
1201 White "Lions Head" W logo 070060 070560
1202 Red "Meatball" logo 070061 070561
1204 White "Lions Head" W logo 070062 070562
1205 White "Lions Head" W logo 070063 070563
Please note that exclusive products are available for pre-order and/or purchase only through PWRS and are not available directly from Rapido Trains. Please place your orders through PWRS by clicking the links above to be redirected to their website. For more information, including payment options, please contact PWRS directly here.


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