N GMD-1 Relaunch

N Scale GMD-1 1100 Series and more


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We are pleased to announce that we are relaunching the N scale GMD-1 and we’re also including two entirely new versions!

1100-Series GMD-1

The real GMD-1 locomotives were a huge success. When CN started closing down the branchlines for which the GMD-1 locomotives had been designed, it was decided to rebuild the reliable locomotives for general service. The rebuild included new 2000-gallon fuel tanks and 2-axle Flexicoil trucks salvaged from retired lightweight GP9 locomotives. In total, 46 1000-series GMD-1 locomotives were upgraded to 1100-series units. These 1100-series rebuilds were outshopped between 1983 and 1988 and lasted in service as late as 2006.


1430-1344 Series GMD-1

In the late 1990s, the 1600-series GR-612a GMD-1 locomotives were retrucked with even more 2-axle Flexicoil trucks (those poor lightweight GP9s!) and became GR-412b, numbers 1430-1444 (General Motors Roadswitcher, 4 Axles,1200 horsepower, group B). These things have really lasted – several are still in service!

We are releasing every number of GR-412b that lasted into the 2010s, along with an unnumbered version so you can have the specific unit of your choice.

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Weird Cuban GMD-1

Cuba purchased a fleet of GMD-1s secondhand in the 1990s, but the 4-axle trucks were too much for the light rail in Cuba. An ingenious solution was found – replace one of them with a three-axle truck taken off the GMD-1s when they were converted to four-axle trucks!

These Cuban GMD-1s would make an interesting addition to your “oddball” collection. We all have them – stuff we don’t need but we buy anyway because they are neat. Well these wacky GMD-1s are neat!

1000-Series GMD-1

We’re doing three new numbers for our popular 1000-series GMD-1 in CN’s original 1950s green. We say 1950s green, but some lasted in green until the 1980s! It’s no wonder green was by far our biggest seller. Here’s a chance to expand your fleet or to correct your earlier mistake of not buying any.

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To learn more about the prototype GMD-1 click on the image below.

GMD-1 master class

The paint schemes are as follows:

Our N Scale model features:

  • DC Silent or DC/DCC/Sound
  • Accurate prime mover recordings – 567C or 654C depending on number
  • 5-pole, skew-wound motor with excellent slow-speed performance
  • Revised N scale wheelset design for trouble-free operation
  • DC models wired to match the rest of your DC fleet
  • Accurate dimensions from GMD blueprints and field measurements
  • Heavy, die-cast chassis for great pulling power
  • Accurate four-wheel Flexicoil trucks and 2000-gallon fuel tank on appropriate locomotives
  • Full cab interior oriented the correct way

Looking for information on our previous N GMD-1 releases? Click here

The MSRP is $159 (DC/Silent) and $259 (DC/DCC/Sound)

Like the real GMD-1, our N scale model won’t die! It is our pleasure to finally be able to produce these. So please order your 1100s and more 1000s by the bucket load!

If you have an existing order for a 1400-series GMD-1 there is no need to re-order.

The order deadline is now closed, please contact your dealer.
Delivery in fall 2018.

Click here to see a list of paint schemes.  

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