N Scale Osgood-Bradley Coaches

N Scale Osgood-Bradley Coaches

In 1934 Pullman-Standard’s Osgood Bradley plant in Worcester, Massachusetts began construction of one of the first true lightweight coaches for the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad. These iconic cars were used on both long distance and local trains and served well into the 1970s. Several other railroads soon purchased their own copies of these distinctive lightweight cars.

Following the success of our previous run of these classic Rapido N Scale Panorama Line cars kast year, we have responded to your huge number of requests for a greater range of paint schemes. With this in mind we are delighted to add the following roadnames to our second production run:

  • Cotton Belt (Daylight)
  • Delaware & Hudson
  • Lehigh Valley
  • Seaboard
  • Southern Pacific (Sunset)
  • Southern Pacific (Two-tone gray)

We are also providing new numbers on the New Haven (Hunter Green), New Haven (McGinnis), Boston & Maine and Long Island (Dashing Dan) paint schemes.

Finally, in the 1930s, Pullman-Standard produced a large number of unique Osgood Bradley “balloon top” coaches for railroads up and down the east coast of the United States. These cars were very similar to cars built for Canadian National. Rapido is proud to present the Osgood Bradley coaches in the striking CNR 1954 paint scheme.

The Rapido N scale Osgood Bradley cars feature:

  • Full underbody detail
  • End diaphragms with etched metal end gates
  • 41-E trucks with metal wheelsets
  • Full interior detail
  • Partial or non-skirted versions
  • “Easy-Peasy” battery-operated interior lighting
  • Metal side grab irons
  • Accurate paint and lettering

The MSRP is $64.95 in the USA/International and $74.95 in Canada.

These cars are now in stock.

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