N Scale Panorama Cars for PWRS

N Panorama Cars for PWRS

PWRS Special Run Car

Rapido Trains Inc. is pleased to announce two groups of exclusive run models commissioned by Pacific Western Rail Systems. These models are available exclusively through PWRS, see links below for ordering information.

BC Rail Royal Hudson (ex-CN/VIA) Cafe/Bar/Lounges

Over it’s years of operation, many railfans and model railroaders alike rode the BC Rail Royal Hudson excursion train. This service was operated from 1974 until 2001, seeing many changes along the way and many thousands of passengers too.

All cars in the set have the special 25th Year Anniversary Logo added to the cars in 1999.

British Columbia Railway Cafe Bar Lounge PWRS special run

503058  BCR Horsehoe Bay
503059  BCR Lions Bay

These models are available exclusively through PWRS, click here for more information.

Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) 10-5 Sleepers

N Canadian Pacific 10-5 sleeper PWRS special run

504071  CPR  Armdale (ex-NYC)
504072  CPR  Brookdale (ex-NYC)
504073  CPR  Cloverdale (ex-NYC)
504074  CPR  Riverdale (ex-NYC)

These models are available exclusively through PWRS, click here for more information.

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What About Previous Releases?
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