N Scale Re-Run Cars

N Scale Re-Run Cars

These items are available exclusively through Rapido dealers. Please check with your dealer for availability.

Our N scale Panorama line cars have been a huge success, and many of our original cars sold out long ago. Rapido are pleased to announce a new production run of many of our early cars, many with new car numbers or names (where possible). In addition, we have thrown in a new paint scheme for our Panorama Line coaches.

DUPLEX SLEEPER Available Paint Schemes:
Coach Available Paint Schemes:
Dayniter Coach Available Paint Schemes:

N Duplex Sleepers
N Panorama Line Duplex Sleeper CNR
Canadian National (1954)
Item 501126 501127 501128 501129 501130
Road Number/Name Eastview Ekhart Elderbank Enfield Eldorado
N Panorama Line Duplex Sleeper CNCN (Noodle)
Item 501131 501132 501133 501134 501135
Road Number/Name Edmonton Elmora Englee Erickson Evangeline
N Panorama Line Duplex Sleeper VIAVIA Rail Canada
Item 501136 501137 501138 501139 501140
Road Number/Name Edenwald Edwardsville Elmsdale Endevour Euclid
N Panorama Line Duplex Sleeper GNGreat Northern
Item 501141 501142 501143 501144 501145
Road Number/Name Bad Axe River Poplar River Chumstick River Mouse River Spokane River
N Panorama Line Duplex Sleeper NPNorthern Pacific
Item 501151 501152 501153 501154 501155
Road Number/Name 355 356 357 358 360
N Panorama Line Duplex Sleeper MILWMilwaukee Road
Item 501146 501147 501148 501149 501150
Road Number/Name Madison River St. Joe River Yellowstone River Minnesota River Zumbro River
N Coaches
N Panorama Line Coach CPCanadian Pacific
Item 500157 500158 500159 500160 500161 500162
Road Number/Name 2240 2248 2261 2270 2279 2290
N Panorama Line Coach LIRR-MTALong Island (MTA)
Item 500164 500165 500166 500167 500168
Road Number/Name 2183 2185 2190 2191 2193
N Dayniter Coaches
N Panorama Line Dayniter NROntario Northland
Item 505041 505042 505043 505044 505045 505046 505047
Road Number/Name 850 851 852 853 854 855 856

Where Can I Purchase Your Products?
Rapido Trains Inc. products can be ordered from any hobby retailer or directly from us. All prices shown are MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price). Dealer may sell for less.

With the exception of some accessory items, all Rapido Trains Inc. products are produced strictly to reservations placed before the appropriate order deadlines. Avoid missing out by reserving in advance with your dealer. To make sure that you do not miss a deadline sign up for our newsletters.

What About Previous Releases?
Our web site lists currently available or upcoming products only. Rapido Trains Inc. has produced many other cars in the past that may still be on dealers shelves. For a complete Excel listing of all products, past and present, right-click here and "Save as..." to a location on your computer.

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