New Look Bus – The Book

New Look Bus – The Book



Cover design mockup. Artwork not finalized.

The New Look Bus in Canada:
A Photographic History

The New Look bus built by General Motors in Canada and the United States between 1959 and 1986 was one of the most prolific buses in the history of urban transit. Virtually every transit operator and many coach operators had examples in their fleets. Over 44,000 buses were built in total, with over 25 percent of them built in Canada between 1963 and 1986.

The history of the New Look bus in Canada has never been fully illustrated photographically. This upcoming book will take an in depth look back at the New Look bus and its long life in Canadian transit fleets. Extensive commentary and personal anecdotes will provide additional information for readers.

The book will be written by David Onodera who has a long and colourful passion for transit that spans over 50 years. His knowledge of the New Look bus is extensive and his collection of photographs will serve as the primary base for this book, supplemented by photographs from other sources including the collections of the Canadian Transit Heritage Foundation.

About David Onodera

There is probably a trace or two of diesel in David’s blood. He has been a model railroader and bus fan for almost 60 years. His passion for both began early… at the age of four he decided that he would someday be a bus driver!

After graduating from the University of Toronto, he fulfilled his dream by becoming a coach driver for TTC-subsidiary Gray Coach Lines, later becoming a TTC Operator. He operated New Look buses of every model in the TTC fleet in the mid-1970’s – the golden age of the New Look.

His TTC career was followed by a 12 year stint at the Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA). He later managed transit systems in Timmins, Ontario and Regina, Saskatchewan where he resides today with his wife, Sharon.

David is also member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Transit Heritage Foundation and has served as the only Editor of its quarterly newsletter, the Bulletin, for almost 24 years.

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