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Doc Shron, Dan and Dan go back to the future in this ridiculous and cheap Rapido product launch video.

Will the bus model be painted in my town or city’s paint scheme?

We are finalizing the paint schemes for the first run of New Look buses. We can only do a small number of liveries at a time, and we plan to do several more production runs in the future.

Please keep in mind that our minimum production run is 300 buses. We’ve had a lot of requests for buses painted in the transit agency liveries of smaller cities and towns. Some have been quite obscure. If your town only has seven model railroaders and three model vehicle collectors and they all live on your street, we most likely will not be able to paint our bus model in your town’s transit agency colours.

We do plan to produce several common colour combinations without any lettering as well as an undecorated (aluminum) model. If you want to model a smaller transit agency, you will be able to purchase an unlettered or undecorated bus and add your own lettering.

 Jason is just a little excited by the first New Look bus sample...

Jason is just a little excited by the first New Look bus sample…

Transit agency special runs

We are always open to doing custom runs for transit agencies for gift shop sales, retirement gifts, etc. If you represent a transit agency and you would like an exclusive run of New Look bus models please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Rapido’s own fishbowl bus

Rapido Trains Inc. also owns a former Calgary Transit “New Look” which it is restoring to the classic TTC maroon and cream colours. You can read more about this project here.


Where Can I Purchase Your Products?
Rapido Trains Inc. products can be ordered from any hobby retailer or directly from us. All prices shown are MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price). Dealer may sell for less.

With the exception of some accessory items, all Rapido Trains Inc. products are produced strictly to reservations placed before the appropriate order deadlines. Avoid missing out by reserving in advance with your dealer. To make sure that you do not miss a deadline sign up for our newsletters.

What About Previous Releases?
Our web site lists currently available or upcoming products only. Rapido Trains Inc. has produced many other cars in the past that may still be on dealers shelves. For a complete Excel listing of all products, past and present, right-click here and "Save as..." to a location on your computer.

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