Rapido sponsors Cedarvale Moosonee Trip

Rapido sponsors Cedarvale Moosonee Trip

Students at Bishop Belleau School in Moosonee show off their Rapido swag!

Around 30 students from Cedarvale Community School travelled 800 kilometres north to Moosonee from April 25-28 to meet fellow students at Bishop Belleau School. Rapido Trains Inc. sponsored the trip and is proud to have been associated with their exciting adventure north.

The trip north takes 14 hours, using bus from Toronto to Cochrane and then via the Ontario Northland’s Polar Bear Express service to Moosonee.

Rapido Trains Inc. sponsored the trip… and we gave them loads of Rapido Swag too!

The two schools have been communicating over social media for several months and this was the first opportunity for the students to meet face-to-face. The two groups of students spent their time working together on a number of projects and learning more about each other and how they live.

Cochrane station, the starting point for the Polar Bear Express, a vital
link that bonds Ontario’s northern communities with the rest of the province.

Loading the baggage. By an amazing coincidence Rapido makes this baggage car in N Scale… check it out here.

Moosonee, on the shores of James Bay, is only accessible by train or by air, there is no road access this far north in Ontario. Cedarvale’s trip took 14 hours in total, nine hours by coach to Cochrane and then five hours aboard the Ontario Northland’s Polar Bear Express service.

All aboard the Polar Bear Express!

Heading north and having fun. The rail section of the journey takes five hours.

With an official population of less than 2,000 people the experience was good for students from both schools. For Cedarvale’s students, deep in the heart of Toronto near Bathurst and Eglinton, the difference between their two communities is stark. For Moosonee’s students, they were happy to see and interact with new people, and make new friends.

Welcome to Moosonee.

Disembarking at Moosonee and looking forward to the adventure ahead.

You can read more about the Cedarvale-Moosonee Trip on the group’s Facebook and Twitter pages. The story was also covered extensively in the local media, including on CityNews Toronto and CBC News.

On the shore of Moose River, not far from James Bay.

In Moosonee the students held a video call with Toronto mayor John Tory and Moosonee mayor Wayne Taipale.

Heading home.

Back in Cochrane. Still the bus ride back to Toronto to go.

It’s quiet now but it’ll be rush hour in Toronto soon.

Interviews after the trip. On the left David Sonenberg, the trip’s organizer, speaks to Melanie Ng from CityNews Toronto.

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