RailCrew Switch machine with Rotating Target

RailCrew HO Switch Machine

The RailCrew series of products will revolutionize the way modellers design and operate their model railroads. The range of HO Scale layout accessories currently comprises of a Switch Machine with Rotating Target, Switch Stand Kit (non-operating) and a very clever ON-OFF Remote Uncoupler that eliminates unintended uncoupling wherever it is positioned.

RailCrew products are available through all regular Rapido retailers and direct (multi-packs only).

Most of your questions will be answered by watching our handy-dandy “How to” video!

The RailCrew Switch Machine with Rotating Target is the only hidden switch machine guaranteed to turn heads after you install it on your layout. As well as the machine itself, it comes with three different WORKING injection plastic moulded switch stands and ten different photo-etched metal targets based on most major North American railroad designs. The target (and optional, non-working lantern – two styles!) actually rotates just like the real thing. Yes, you read that correctly. The unit also comes complete with SPDT auxiliary contacts to power frogs and signals.

This innovative new product features:

  • Compact 1 1/8″(28.5mm) diameter x 1″ (25mm) height
  • Easy to install on existing layouts
  • Museum-quality switch stands with rotating targets
  • Racor 17B (tall), 31B (tall) and 20C (low) switch stands ALL included!
  • Momentary 12V DC power – power numerous machines off of one power supply.
  • Strong enough to throw and hold the points but it won’t break them
  • SPDT auxiliary contacts to power frogs and signals
  • Low-profile, compact design – it’s really tiny!
  • Work with all layout types, including multi-deck and portable layouts
  • Available in singles, 6-packs or 12-packs
  • Switch stands and targets also available separately

The switch machine works by moving the throwbar to your points, just like the real thing. And the target rotates, just like the real thing. This is ideal for shoulder- and eye-height layouts where you can’t necessarily see which way the points are set. It also looks AMAZING on any layout!

The mechanism is barely the thickness of your subroadbed, which is a massive step up from the bulky machines on the market today. This makes our switch machine ideal for multi-deck layouts, even with the tightest vertical clearances. We know we’ll never unseat the Tortoise as the biggest-selling switch machine, but WE WANT TO BE NUMBER TWO!

You can easily add an accessory decoder to our Switch Machine, and you can order the switch stands separately.

Railcrew HO Switch Stands

RailCrew HO Switch Machine with Rotating Target
Item Description MSRP
320101 Switch Machine with Rotating Target $21.95 US/$23.95 CDN See your Dealer.
320102 Switch Machine with Rotating Target (6-pack) $129.95 CDN
$119.95 US
320103 Switch Machine with Rotating Target (12-pack) $239.95 CDN
$229.95 US
320104 Switch Stand – One each of all three styles with targets $5.95 US /$6.95 CDN See your Dealer.
320105 Switch Stand – all three styles with targets (12-pack ) $71.95 CDN
$64.95 US

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You can download the instructions here: Railcrew Switch Machine with Rotating Target (updated March 2018)

Be sure to also check out our Tips and Tricks for Installing RailCrew Switch Machines.

This is our introductory video with Jason and RailCrew inventor Randy Schnarr.

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