The Finest RTR HO Scale Passenger Car Trucks Ever Produced!

The Finest…
RTR HO Passenger Car Trucks Ever!

HO Scale 41-BNO-11 Passenger Truck – Outside Swinghanger

The most common passenger car truck design used on both new and rebuilt cars after 1947 is the 41-BNO-11 4-wheel, outside-swinghanger truck. These trucks were built by General Steel Castings and Canadian Car & Foundry and saw service on almost every railroad in North America.

We now offer these trucks with electrical pick-up already included at no extra charge, perfect for modellers who want to upgrade their Super Continental Line passenger cars to track-powered lighting. The wheelsets feature needlepoint axles in phosphor bronze sheet bearings, so these trucks are even more free-wheeling than our originals.


  • Detailed on all four sides with numerous separately-applied parts per truck
  • Serial number moulded on each truck
  • Includes power pick-up
  • Needlepoint axles in phosphor bronze sheet bearings so these babies roll!
  • Insulated metal RP-25 wheelsets INCLUDED

HO Scale 41-BNO-11 Passenger Truck – Outside Swinghanger
Item# Description MSRP
102001-1 1 pair $14.95 See your dealer
102001-6 6 pairs $89.70

HO Scale GSC 41-N-11 Passenger Truck – Inside Swinghanger

The General Steel Castings 41-N-11 is possibly the most common inside-swinghanger truck used in the 20th century. Our ready-to-run model includes details on all four sides and captures the feel of the real thing. The wheelbase is 8′ 6″.41-N-11 INSIDE Swinghanger Trucks

41-N-11 Passenger Trucks – Inside Swinghanger (Pair)
Item# 102012 – DISCONTINUED

HO Scale 41-E Passenger Trucks

Used under Osgood Bradley and other lightweight cars of the 30’s and 40’s, these trucks are a perfect upgrade for any model. Available in either solid bearing (square journal box cover) or roller bearing (round journal box cover) styles. Includes safety chains..

41E truck - solid bearing

41-E Passenger Trucks – Solid Bearing Style (Pair)
Item# 102028 – DISCONTINUED

41E truck - roller bearing

41-E Passenger Trucks – Roller Bearing Style (Pair)
Item#  102029 – DISCONTINUED

HO Scale BX Express Trucks

This style of truck could be found under a variety of different express and head end cars including reefers, boxcars and steam generator cars.

 BX express truck

BX Express Trucks (Pair)
Item# 102030 – DISCONTINUED

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