The Latest Audio and Video Samples

The Latest Audio and Video Samples

To see all of our movies click here to go to our YouTube page.

A New Look For Rapido

Doc Shron, Dan and Dan go back to the future in this ridiculous and cheap Rapido product launch video.

Rapido FA-2 in HO Scale

Pre-production sample of Rapido’s FA-2 locomotive in operation on a gorgeous model railroad. Featuring new Alco 244 prime mover sounds!

RDC by Rapido Trains Inc.

First test samples of Rapido’s HO scale Budd RDC model in action on a beautiful model railroad.

Ride The Rapido – VIA Railfan Charter

A documentary. Rapido Trains Inc. and friends ride a special VIA dome car charter from Toronto to Montreal for the HO scale “Icons of Canadian Steam” product launch.

All About the RDC

A documentary about the Budd RDC (Rail Diesel Car) and how we designed Rapido’s HO scale model.

HO Scale CPR Royal Hudson Announcement

Bill Schneider from Rapido Trains Inc. gives us a tour of the Canadian Pacific Royal Hudson at Exporail. This is the first Rapido steam locomotive in the Icons of Canadian Steam series.

Planet of the FL9 Locomotive

A demonstration of Rapido’s N scale New Haven FL9 locomotive featuring a custom Rapido ESU LokSound sound decoder.


No further explanation is necessary!

Railcrew Switch machines and uncouplers…

Everything that you could ever want to know in 10,000 words or less.

APT-E running sample…

Sorry, cybermen and exploding K-9 not included with model!

Rapido FL9 in Action

Rapido’s HO scale New Haven FL9 locomotive operating with sound on a beautiful model railroad.

Carry On APT-E…

With all of the great cinematic quality and high-level acting that you’ve come to expect from us!

For the Love of Alcos – FPA-4 and FPB-4 with Sound

Sound-equipped samples of Rapido’s HO scale Alco/MLW FPA-4 and FPB-4 locomotives.

This is getting Too Silly…

Introducing Rapido to the UK market.


See our new HO scale F40PH-2D samples in action on Walter Pankratz’s beautiful model railroad.

The Hills are Alive…

With the sounds of Alcos! Our new HO FPA-4 locomotive samples are here.

To B or Not To B….

Whether ’tis nobler to be a trailing unit or the lead… See our new HO scale F9B locomotive in action.

Gon with the Wind

Jason shows off our new HO gondola and his latest Star Trek wardrobe.

The FPA-4 Movie!

Our crew (well, except Dan…) romp through the forest with some really big animals!¬†Sound track provided by MLW/ALCO – turn it up!

An Amazing Alberta Adventure

Join Jason and Dan from Rapido Trains Inc. as they travel across Canada in search of their new freight engine.

To see all of our movies click here to go to our YouTube page.


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