VIA Rail Canada Exclusive F40PH-2D

VIA Rail Canada Exclusive F40PH-2D

Rapido Trains Inc. is pleased to announce, in association with VIA Rail Canada, an exclusive limited-run model of VIA Rail’s classic F40PH-2D locomotive decorated in both the commemorative VIA 40th Anniversary scheme, as well as the Canada 150 scheme, in HO scale!

In 2017, VIA decorated five of its F40PH-2D locomotives in a striking paint scheme to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, with the names of towns and cities across Canada adorning their sides. In 2018, that paint scheme was modified by removing the names and adding a large stylized 40 to celebrate 40 years since the creation of VIA Rail Canada.

Offered here are three of those locomotives:

  • 6416 decorated in the Canada 150 scheme (featuring Montréal, Bathurst, Saskatoon, Québec, Windsor and Churchill)
  • 6436 decorated in the VIA 40 scheme
  • 6437 decorated in the VIA 40 scheme

In 2017, Rapido released 6402 and 6454, both in the Canada 150 scheme. These newly released units will complement and complete the special five unit collection. Only 150 models of each unit have been produced, so order yours while supplies last. These special units WILL NEVER BE MADE AGAIN!

And for this special offer, we’re once again including a high-quality display case too! Beauty goal, eh? download